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I found a book my housemate wanted today and bought it for her (she'll pay me back, we've worked something else out for Christmas - yes, the Christmas I'm not doing). I put it on the counter and the person serving promptly knocked the drink they had all over the book.
"Do you want another book?"

I was very good and didn't say anything like "What do you think brainiac?". Instead I said, "I think that would be best, don't you?". (ok, I was a bit sarcastic).

Of course now I wonder what his drink was doing there in the first place...
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A sports manager:
Wendell's impact was...impactful.

I'm glad we cleared that up.
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I've never had an electic oven explode. I have never seen a metal element 'blow out' the way this one has. Last night, we found a possible reason it did this. It has six legs and was probably not made of charcoal in its natural state. I think the insect provided a lovely ground for the electrickery flowing through the element making a hotspot...
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...of cloud flows over the pale blue of the morning sky. Glowing pink it begins on one horizon as a rumpled silk sheet, which arches over the sky to become fractal inspired swirling clumps of bright cotton. The full moon, bright, yet somehow transparent at this time, sits snugly nestled on a ball of cotton; resting comfortably before continuing it's journey.
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One of coffee, two of sugar; one of coffee, two of sugar; two of coffee, one of....

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The sun is slowly climbing into the barely mist laden air while opposite it hangs the moon, the silent watcher. The ground is wet from the storms last night and what parts aren't covered by water are covered by dust.

We do get some strange weather around here.
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Is is a bad start to the day when your glass of water, deliberately placed far away from the bed so you have to reach for it, is still knocked over when reaching to turn off the much closer alarm? Is it a worse start when this results in water in your powerboard, which starts to futz, smoke and get incredibly hot?

Good morning world.
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I thought this was clever



Mar. 11th, 2003 10:00 am
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The web interface to my bank has been down now for two days, so I called them to find out what was happening.

As usual I was put into a phone queue, and various recorded messages telling me about services filled my earpiece.

The first recorded message was telling me that with their 'weblink' I could access my accounts 24 hours a day....
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A slow drive up the hill, heading towards the rising sun. Above the top of the hill the water rippled sand clouds appear, glowing a faint pink. Higher and the rippled sand is shot through with bright pink streamers. Now I crest the hill and the rippled sand flows to a soft orange as it meets the dark, sillhouetted hills in the distance, flowing over their gentle curves.

I step outside the building and a few spots of water greet me. A few more steps and a burst of sun, like a Diva's feature spotlight hits me. The droplets increase, caressing me, surrounding me in a halo of fireflies dancing in that beam of warm light. I turn from my spotlight and the dark, soft smudged charcoal clouds become a backdrop for the intense colours of a twin rainbow. The outer rainbow is a pale reflection of its mate, a mere supporting role; and yet together they create a performance without equal.
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As told to me by my workmate, regarding the problems we've had today.
Amusing story )
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Now isn't that just a quote? I love it.

It came from www.engrish.com.

And I am so pleased to see they still sell Pocari Sweat (a soft drink) in Japan. Somehow the world would be a poorer place without it.

No, I don't know what it tastes like, I was never game to try it.
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The poor young woman who served me in the bakery today didn't quite know what to do with her eyes when I went in there with purple fingernails.

It was made even harder as the money and change was exchanged and they became even more obvious...

Bad Lisa.

Oh dear...

Feb. 19th, 2003 06:39 pm
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The name Pauline Hanson tends to send shivvers of dread through any intelligent person living in Australia.

She ran for parliament in Queensland a few weeks back on the back of a 'redneck' policy. She seems to dislike anyone not white. One of her quotes regarding immigrants not of the right background (i.e. 'whites') is "They're not welcome here, they can go back where they came from".

Her political party imploded and she's currently facing fraud charges in Queensland. She was apparently sick of politics and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Now she's running for the Senate in NSW, not that she has any more clues than she used to have.

John Wong, a NSW politician of asian descent was quoted:

"She's not welcome in New South Wales, she can go back where she came from".

Life is sweet sometimes.


Feb. 17th, 2003 07:14 pm
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In the distance smoke rises.
I can see a single column from behind a building.
As we drive closer, it seems to shift; but always it's a single column; it's not spreading.
We drive around the building, and the column of smoke is...emanating from mid-air.

No...no it's not. It clings to the side of a burned hill, walking this way and that over the ground.

It's not a fire, it's not smoke. It's a willy-willy, twisting and turning over the burned ground, sucking old ash into the air in a column.

So pretty, so beautiful, so fascinating, so perfect.
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The recent bushfires sure brought out the idiots. A friend of mine runs a small store. As with every place, at the height of the emergency she was out of "D" size batteries, and nearly out of "C" size.

A customer comes in and demands D batteries.
"I'm sorry madam, we don't have any"
"What about those there?" She asks, pointing to rechargeable D size batteries
"They are "D" size batteries but they won't run..."
"I want them then!"
"I'm afraid they won't run your torch madam, they're recharge..."
"They're D batteries aren't the?"
"Yes madam, but they're rechargeables. They need to be..."
"I want them!"

(lots of pointless arguing removed)

"Very well madam, I'll sell them to you. But I won't give you your money back when they don't run your torch".

Some people huh?


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