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I'm tired, so this may come out badly, but I really feel I have to say this.

I'm  not an Indigenous Australian.  I have friends who are, but that doesn't give me much insight into their world beyond what they've told me. I have no idea how they feel or see things deep down. I just have my own view of things, through whatever prism I've been given.

Having said that.

I do not celebrate Australia Day.  I call it Invasion Day for the very reason that that date (January 26th) marked the first real influx of white people, that led to so much conflict, death and more.

I hate that apologists tell me that that's not what Australia Day represents.  It may not have been the intent, but when they picked that day, there was inevitably going to be baggage.  It's just originally, I suspect, few people gave a damn about the Indigenous Australians.

Advertisements, and people, keep telling me that Australia Day is to celebrate what it is to be Australian.  It's an inclusive thing that includes everyone who is now Australian, no matter what their background.  But it can't work while the date they've picked is so loaded for a portion of the population.

If we're going to have this "Yay Australia" day, then we should pick a day that isn't so controversial.  Until then, it's Invasion Day, and I "celebrate being Australian" simply by being who I am.
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My brain decided to mull over "one line poems" last night. Whether one line can be a poem I'm not about to debate - mainly because I don't have a clue. Specificallly,my brain kept mulling over one particular "poem" and how subtle changes alter how it feels.

I cannot see the sky.

The first change was to:

I can't see the sky.

Which just seems to kill it, removing the rhythm it had with the "can't" causing it to thud.  From here my brain shifted to:

For I cannot see the sky.

This seems to be going a little pretentious (yeah, like spending a whole entry on this isn't pretentious!) with that almost archaic "For".  Perhaps if we change that first word?

And I cannot see the sky.

This almost suggests a continuing thought, or story, as if it were the last line of something.  Is that something that's "good" however?  Presumably a one line poem should stand on its own.  Still, merely hinting at a bigger story isn't the same as actually having to add that story.

But maybe I'm over thinking this.

{Lyrics: See The Sky About To Rain - Neil Young }

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So, my eye is playing up again. When I say "again" I'm slightly lying because this time it's my left eye, not my right. On the other hand, it's apparently the same thing: Anterior uveitis.

Tests from last time didn't reveal a cause, and they're equally perplexed this time. On the other hand, while cause is unknown, treatment isn't. Steroid drops on every hour, and dilation drops three times a day.

The pupil has to stay dilated as the infection is 'sticky' and may lead the iris to stick to the lens. It's a pain, but less of a pain than the infection itself. If you understand what I mean.

I'm lucky to have caught this earlier than last time (the GP I saw misdiagnosed, so it was a week before I got proper treatment) and so it's not as bad. So far.

My next appointment is on Tuesday next week. We'll see how I'm doing then. We'll also see how well I do at work.

{Lyrics: Eye - Smashing Pumpkins
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Lovely. I get 'Access Denied' on LiveJournal - suggesting I'm hitting the site too hard (refreshing occasionally in between other things I'm doing - so minutes between). And me still with a paid account.

LiveJournal is really beginning to bug me.

{You're So Vain - Carly Simon }
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For those wondering just how much you'll die from our collection of deadly spiders, snakes and door-to-door salesfolk: here are some stats for you.

Note, however, that as one commenter put it, this is only those who died and doesn't include those who lived with excruciating pain, necroses or other nasty ways of not dying.

{Lyrics: Redback On The Toilet Seat - Slim Dusty}
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Yes, I've taken some photos! Yes, you may faint now!

{Lyrics: The Web - Marillion }
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I found this on another forum. I had to share.

One thing I find interesting is that it shows you don't need many chords to make good music. A lot of the time it comes down to expression as much as the notes.

{Lyrics: 4 Chords - Jason Downs }
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Quotes from today:

Why would they call a condom brand "Trojan"? Once it's inside it opens up and lets all the little soldiers out!

I was going to buy myself a bookshelf, but then I thought: "Well I can't afford it this fortnight, and I don't need it desperately so I should leave it." Then I thought "Who is thinking these thoughts?"

Me:The problem with the car window tinting laws is that they're not consistent. You can only have tinting of 35% opacity. But if the window glass itself is coloured, then you can have it much darker. The law itself must be tinted because it's really not very clear. It's probably even illegally tinted.

If the law is illegally tinted could it end up in court with an infringement notice? If it's found guilty, then is it legal to tint your windows again because it's illegal? Does that mean that the law was now wrongly convicted?

FMHM:I worry about your brain sometimes.

{Lyrics: I'm Going Slightly Mad - Queen }
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Today, as I often do on a weekend, I went to Babar (Woden) with my housemate to have breakfast. After I paid I also took the chance to use their toilets.

I began to lock the cubical door when the outer door opened and the owner informed me that these were the Women's toilets, and that the Men's were across the hall.

I replied (politely) that I knew I was in the Women's toilets.

She told me that I was not allowed in here and should use the Men's. I replied that I believed I had a right to use these toilets.

She disagreed and began 'explaining' that I should not be here. At this point I came out of the cubical and after a few tries managed to interject enough to explain that I was transgendered.
She told me it didn't matter.

At this point I, unfortunately, lost my temper and merely told her I was leaving and wouldn't return. I also mentioned going to the Anti-Discrimination Board (I have no idea, right now, of it's official name). This didn't seem to worry her.

I have been going to Babar for quite some time, and usually use the Women's toilets there. This hasn't previously been an issue; even when the Owner was present.

I should mention I've never had an issue with the staff either. They've all been friendly, helpful and efficient.

However, today was my last visit to Babar.

{Lyrics: Access Denied - Mortal Sin }


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