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The caller to the Thousand Dollar Minute on the radio wasn't doing too well, missing many (to me) obvious questions. Then came this corker:

Radio Personality: What is the smallest woodwind instrument in an orchestra?
Caller: Um....ah...Cello?

Oh dear.


Apr. 28th, 2003 08:21 am
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As some of you have heard ad-nauseum, I've been frequenting Retro Remix sites. Some of the folks that upload to these sites also sell CD's of their work. I've found that some of them use a little trick that I find quite fascinating; though I'm sure a 'real cracker' wouldn't blink an eyelid at overcoming it.

You see, an MP3 player will look at the MP3 you download and decide (for example) that it has 1:51 worth of song to play. It doesn't seem to mind if it gets to 1:52 and finds more song. It just keeps playing. It also doesn't seem to mind if it's told it has 15:17 to play but finds only 5:27.

All the utilities that I have that allow you to write MP3's to audio CD's, on the other hand, do mind. They will write 1:51 or 15:17 or whatever the original header said. Thus you can end up with a song chopped off, or a huuuge gap.

What this means for the casual user is: you can download, you can listen, but you can't write your own CD.

I like it.
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There's a huge retro scene out there for old computer games. One part of that scene is the remixers. They take old C64 (or other systems) game music and remix and do new arrangements. Some of it is just incredible.

So I've been having fun listening to the music from Commando, Uridium, Thing on a Spring, Sanxion, Delta, Cauldron II and more. Happyness.


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