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Today, as I often do on a weekend, I went to Babar (Woden) with my housemate to have breakfast. After I paid I also took the chance to use their toilets.

I began to lock the cubical door when the outer door opened and the owner informed me that these were the Women's toilets, and that the Men's were across the hall.

I replied (politely) that I knew I was in the Women's toilets.

She told me that I was not allowed in here and should use the Men's. I replied that I believed I had a right to use these toilets.

She disagreed and began 'explaining' that I should not be here. At this point I came out of the cubical and after a few tries managed to interject enough to explain that I was transgendered.
She told me it didn't matter.

At this point I, unfortunately, lost my temper and merely told her I was leaving and wouldn't return. I also mentioned going to the Anti-Discrimination Board (I have no idea, right now, of it's official name). This didn't seem to worry her.

I have been going to Babar for quite some time, and usually use the Women's toilets there. This hasn't previously been an issue; even when the Owner was present.

I should mention I've never had an issue with the staff either. They've all been friendly, helpful and efficient.

However, today was my last visit to Babar.

{Lyrics: Access Denied - Mortal Sin }
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