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darkladywolf ([personal profile] darkladywolf) wrote2011-06-29 05:53 pm

Turn Away From Light

So, my eye is playing up again. When I say "again" I'm slightly lying because this time it's my left eye, not my right. On the other hand, it's apparently the same thing: Anterior uveitis.

Tests from last time didn't reveal a cause, and they're equally perplexed this time. On the other hand, while cause is unknown, treatment isn't. Steroid drops on every hour, and dilation drops three times a day.

The pupil has to stay dilated as the infection is 'sticky' and may lead the iris to stick to the lens. It's a pain, but less of a pain than the infection itself. If you understand what I mean.

I'm lucky to have caught this earlier than last time (the GP I saw misdiagnosed, so it was a week before I got proper treatment) and so it's not as bad. So far.

My next appointment is on Tuesday next week. We'll see how I'm doing then. We'll also see how well I do at work.

{Lyrics: Eye - Smashing Pumpkins