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I didn't really want to comment on the election except to say thank the Gods, Goddesses and any other non-gender discriminatory deities that may be hanging around that it's over!

Except to mention this rather funny (to me) US based Headline on the matter:

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I want to ask a very simple question:

"Why does anyone believe anything said during an election campaign?"


All sides dig all the dirt they can on the other sides, and distort even the smallest molehill into an Everest beating mountain. Most sides tend to promise the World, the Moon and assorted solar systems.

After the election, some (perhaps most) promises are conveniently forgotten or become (in the words of our Dishonourable Prime Minister) "Non-Core Promises".

Those promises that do survive are often mutant offspring that bear no relation to their parents. Or even their parent's species.

Then, of course, we have those promises never made, or even mentioned that the winning group suddenly have a "mandate" to implement.

So, why does anyone believe anything said during an election campaign?

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I thought this was clever

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..not to bother joking about the current political climate? It seems some people are far too sensitive and will take my head off for such things.

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Tonight I'm going to the Government Focus group meeting for Transgender issues. I'll let you all know how it goes when I get home (assuming my link works)

Oh dear...

Feb. 19th, 2003 06:39 pm
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The name Pauline Hanson tends to send shivvers of dread through any intelligent person living in Australia.

She ran for parliament in Queensland a few weeks back on the back of a 'redneck' policy. She seems to dislike anyone not white. One of her quotes regarding immigrants not of the right background (i.e. 'whites') is "They're not welcome here, they can go back where they came from".

Her political party imploded and she's currently facing fraud charges in Queensland. She was apparently sick of politics and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Now she's running for the Senate in NSW, not that she has any more clues than she used to have.

John Wong, a NSW politician of asian descent was quoted:

"She's not welcome in New South Wales, she can go back where she came from".

Life is sweet sometimes.


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