Jun. 1st, 2003 07:22 pm
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I'm still getting used to this, and I love it. I chatted briefly to my old flame Lucinda, and expressed my wish that something more would happen between us to [ profile] allashandra. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to talk to your Love about someone else, and have them support you.

It's just as amazing to have them talk to you about someone that interests them.

I love this.


May. 19th, 2003 08:53 pm
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I feel goooood.

Recently got to talk to [ profile] wolfangel again.

Last night I had a lovely present from [ profile] silverguardian.

Today, despite work going to absolute hell, and taking most of my time, I was still able to see my two loves, [ profile] allashandra and [ profile] lisasplaytoy, online and also [ profile] silverguardian. I got pics!

I got to talk briefly to [ profile] htnatch, [ profile] alonwye, [ profile] heavenlust, [ profile] tianaangel and [ profile] syliaboomer (and her lovely partner) online too! Only a few sentences in some cases but lovely anyway!

I got to talk to another old friend on the phone for over 1/2 hour.

I managed to restart email talks with another friend, and also with [ profile] jilesa whom I've been missing talking to.

I dropped over to another friend's today to make sure she was ok and got a few lovely cuddles (and a kid on my leg :).

Tonight I got to talk to [ profile] allashandra on the phone!

I'm loved. I'm loved by so many on so many levels!

Why the hell has it taken me so long to realise this?
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Tuesday I woke up early to be in at work before 5 am for some installs. I got home sometime after 5pm. Wednesday, yesterday, was an equally long day, but with the times shifted so I got in at a more sensible time.

I got to bed last night, fell into a beautiful deep sleep...for about 1/2 hour. Then I woke up and tossed and turned. Eventually I got up, switched on the computer, which failed to boot properly, which I then fixed. I get online and chat a little (and much much thanks to [ profile] lisasplaytoy for being there for me). Finally I go back to bed, and an hour or so later (past 3am at least) I fall asleep, only to wake again at about 5:30 am.



Apr. 22nd, 2003 10:13 am
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Didn't sleep much last night, though I don't know why. There were no worries on my mind, nothing bugging me, nothing running through my head; I just couldn't quite sleep despite being tired.

In the end I got up, chatted to [ profile] lisasplaytoy who was online due to her son being sick (poor both of them), and then went to bed again. The talk must have helped because I then got a little more sleep. Not much as I kept waking up.

I'm wondering about one half waking dream I had though. I had set up my computer stuff (of which I had far more in the dream than I do in RL) in the lounge. I came back to find it had all been jammed into a back room by my father and Nan (both dead RL). I'm wondering if my subconcious is telling me something or if it was 'just a dream'.


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