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I want to ask a very simple question:

"Why does anyone believe anything said during an election campaign?"


All sides dig all the dirt they can on the other sides, and distort even the smallest molehill into an Everest beating mountain. Most sides tend to promise the World, the Moon and assorted solar systems.

After the election, some (perhaps most) promises are conveniently forgotten or become (in the words of our Dishonourable Prime Minister) "Non-Core Promises".

Those promises that do survive are often mutant offspring that bear no relation to their parents. Or even their parent's species.

Then, of course, we have those promises never made, or even mentioned that the winning group suddenly have a "mandate" to implement.

So, why does anyone believe anything said during an election campaign?

{Lyrics: Liar - Sex Pistols }
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The caller to the Thousand Dollar Minute on the radio wasn't doing too well, missing many (to me) obvious questions. Then came this corker:

Radio Personality: What is the smallest woodwind instrument in an orchestra?
Caller: Um....ah...Cello?

Oh dear.
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Right now I'm feeling sickened and disgusted about one aspect of this war (actually I'm sickened and disgusted by a lot of it, but this is one particular area). I have in my mail, an advertisement for T-shirts to "Show your American Patriotism & Support". With such caring slogans as:

IRAQ 2003
(Underneath a hand making a victory sign)


(With a picture of Hussaine in cross hairs)

I'm sorry but this is sick. This is taking a war - a big nasty war where people are being hurt, and killed - and giving it the status of a fucking football game! This isn't patriotism, this is out and out sick, greedy stupidity!
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I enjoyed the photo shoot I did. A lot. But I also fell into a hard depression after it. I think I have too much in my head to work out, before I do that again.

I was invited to another photo shoot by the same guy, and I was honest, and told him this.

He's thrown a temper tantrum, told me to delete all his pics, and told me that until I work out my issues no-one will understand me, and he can't help me.

He's more egotistical than I am.

The upshot of this is that if I sent you any photos from that photoshoot, could you please delete them?

I'm sorry about this.
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One of coffee, two of sugar; one of coffee, two of sugar; two of coffee, one of....

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Fears for the future of Australian children!

Over sixty percent of teenage boys have seen pornography on the internet.


Let's get as many hot buttons as we can. Pornography, the internet and 'think of the children'!


No it's not good that that many 'non adults' have access, but it does beg the question: What are the parents doing?
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It's pretty sad, I think, and an indication of how far 'we' still have to go when a program can draw new viewers in by putting 'find out who is a lesbian' in with 'find out who is sleeping with the boss'.



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