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I didn't really want to comment on the election except to say thank the Gods, Goddesses and any other non-gender discriminatory deities that may be hanging around that it's over!

Except to mention this rather funny (to me) US based Headline on the matter:

{Lyrics: Another BLoody Election - Killing Joke }
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I had to share this. From the last step of a guacamole recipe:

Give it a little more mashing and stirring, then cover the bowl (did I mention to do this in a bowl? If not, scrape everything off the counter into a bowl)

{Lyrics: Guacamole - Super Furry Animals}
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I know I have a dirty mind, but I can't help laughing at the quote from one of the animals in my Animal Crossing game:
Can I trade you something for my cherry?
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I'm watching some morning show where presenters are dressed casually, lying on beach chairs.

And it occurred to me that someone spent time choosing clothes for them to make them look casual...

Television is so strange.
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I found a book my housemate wanted today and bought it for her (she'll pay me back, we've worked something else out for Christmas - yes, the Christmas I'm not doing). I put it on the counter and the person serving promptly knocked the drink they had all over the book.
"Do you want another book?"

I was very good and didn't say anything like "What do you think brainiac?". Instead I said, "I think that would be best, don't you?". (ok, I was a bit sarcastic).

Of course now I wonder what his drink was doing there in the first place...
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Well I tried to log into my internet banking yesterday, only to find that the log in screen was now for their financial management service. Now they'd been talking about merging the two for some time, so I wasn't too surprised.

Except that I couldn't actually log in.

Eventually I rang their customer service line.

"Hello, I'm trying to get into Internet Banking..."
"Oh yes, it's broken."
"Ah, that would be it."
"Apparently we have a broken link that's slowly taking over our website."

Now isn't that a wonderful explanation? It sounds like a rushed explanation that a tech has given to someone who doesn't understand the technology and it's grown from there.

I like it.

Of course, I still can't access my account...
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The caller to the Thousand Dollar Minute on the radio wasn't doing too well, missing many (to me) obvious questions. Then came this corker:

Radio Personality: What is the smallest woodwind instrument in an orchestra?
Caller: Um....ah...Cello?

Oh dear.
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I absolutely love this guarantee!
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A sports manager:
Wendell's impact was...impactful.

I'm glad we cleared that up.


May. 21st, 2003 08:04 am
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Most subtle chat up line online has to go to a guest on a MOO with:
Do you have a lover RL?

A quote

May. 7th, 2003 03:29 pm
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"I like McDonald's Apple Pies becaues they're crunchy and don't taste like apple."
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I want one of these.

A thought

Apr. 13th, 2003 12:53 pm
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We are supposed to listen to doctors and follow their directions. Yet they need malpractice insurance.

Think about it.
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Seems in my little Empire of Uberwulf, my brother is also a transsexual, given his take on one of my current issues:

"Frankly, I don't see why we need to have elections at all," says your brother, Sue-Ann Longfellow,

He never told me!
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I've never had an electic oven explode. I have never seen a metal element 'blow out' the way this one has. Last night, we found a possible reason it did this. It has six legs and was probably not made of charcoal in its natural state. I think the insect provided a lovely ground for the electrickery flowing through the element making a hotspot...
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One of coffee, two of sugar; one of coffee, two of sugar; two of coffee, one of....

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Is is a bad start to the day when your glass of water, deliberately placed far away from the bed so you have to reach for it, is still knocked over when reaching to turn off the much closer alarm? Is it a worse start when this results in water in your powerboard, which starts to futz, smoke and get incredibly hot?

Good morning world.
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I thought this was clever



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