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Well I tried to log into my internet banking yesterday, only to find that the log in screen was now for their financial management service. Now they'd been talking about merging the two for some time, so I wasn't too surprised.

Except that I couldn't actually log in.

Eventually I rang their customer service line.

"Hello, I'm trying to get into Internet Banking..."
"Oh yes, it's broken."
"Ah, that would be it."
"Apparently we have a broken link that's slowly taking over our website."

Now isn't that a wonderful explanation? It sounds like a rushed explanation that a tech has given to someone who doesn't understand the technology and it's grown from there.

I like it.

Of course, I still can't access my account...
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I absolutely love this guarantee!


Apr. 28th, 2003 08:21 am
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As some of you have heard ad-nauseum, I've been frequenting Retro Remix sites. Some of the folks that upload to these sites also sell CD's of their work. I've found that some of them use a little trick that I find quite fascinating; though I'm sure a 'real cracker' wouldn't blink an eyelid at overcoming it.

You see, an MP3 player will look at the MP3 you download and decide (for example) that it has 1:51 worth of song to play. It doesn't seem to mind if it gets to 1:52 and finds more song. It just keeps playing. It also doesn't seem to mind if it's told it has 15:17 to play but finds only 5:27.

All the utilities that I have that allow you to write MP3's to audio CD's, on the other hand, do mind. They will write 1:51 or 15:17 or whatever the original header said. Thus you can end up with a song chopped off, or a huuuge gap.

What this means for the casual user is: you can download, you can listen, but you can't write your own CD.

I like it.
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In 1986 Nintendo released a game for the NES called "Metroid". It was an instant classic in terms of graphics, in terms of gameplay and in breaking 'new' ground for the hero, Samus Aran.

If you finished Metroid in a short enough time you learned just who "Samus Aran" was. It turned out that Samus is female.

Even today, with more female heros in games and movies, there aren't really that many.

Metroid Prime has now been released, and you take on the part of Samus, from within her suit. I find this all wonderfully refreshing. And boy, can she kick butt!
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There's a huge retro scene out there for old computer games. One part of that scene is the remixers. They take old C64 (or other systems) game music and remix and do new arrangements. Some of it is just incredible.

So I've been having fun listening to the music from Commando, Uridium, Thing on a Spring, Sanxion, Delta, Cauldron II and more. Happyness.
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I hate XP sometimes. We had some DNS issues today. The DNS entry for the mail server appeard to 'bounce'. My Windows ME machine timed out the DNS response and quickly caught up. I eventually had to reboot the XP machine to stop it remembering the problems it had.

Though it was only Pegasus which had the problem, which I don't understand.

TRON works

Mar. 29th, 2003 11:47 am
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I found a problem on the second disk of TRON. It would lock up at certain points. Given my depressive state lately, this wasn't good.

I put in the lens cleaner disk this morning, and now I can access all the goodies on that disk. Phew.
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In my youth, I admired, hero-worshipped a man known to most as 'Yak'. What had he done to deserve this hero-worship? He coded computer games. Terribly addictive, surreal games. He also wrote columns that were often just this side of surreal and always made me think.

More recently I've found a community that revolves around him and his newly born software company called Llamasoft. And you know, that hero worship is still there to an extent, but it's also turned into a crush.

He's not a Greek Adonis, he's probably not even 'classical handsome'. He looks like someone who never left their hippy stage, though I think he looks yummy :). In conversations with him, and seeing his conversations with others I've found that the man I so admired is everything I remember and more. He's a wonderful, warm human being and I have a major crush on him.

I wish...


Mar. 11th, 2003 10:00 am
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The web interface to my bank has been down now for two days, so I called them to find out what was happening.

As usual I was put into a phone queue, and various recorded messages telling me about services filled my earpiece.

The first recorded message was telling me that with their 'weblink' I could access my accounts 24 hours a day....
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They've stopped listening to Pioneer 10, or rather, Pioneer 10 is unable to respond. It's power cells are going strong, but the bits that convert heat into energy and power the little probe have deteriorated.

Last contact was on January 22, and even then they could barely hear it. Now they can't hear it at all.

I feel a bit sad about that. It's only a machine, and it's not doing anything useful, but I'm still sad.
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As told to me by my workmate, regarding the problems we've had today.
Amusing story )


Feb. 14th, 2003 03:55 pm
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I take a kind of evil pleasure in being a geek and not having seen "The Matrix".

It seems to lock up the brains of my geek friends when they ask me a Matrix related question and I tell them I haven't seen it.

I'm so bad.


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