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I didn't really want to comment on the election except to say thank the Gods, Goddesses and any other non-gender discriminatory deities that may be hanging around that it's over!

Except to mention this rather funny (to me) US based Headline on the matter:

{Lyrics: Another BLoody Election - Killing Joke }
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I've been talking to a few people about the coming election, and I've
become aware that some don't quite understand the above the line/below
the line voting for the Senate. I thought I'd pass on some advice for
people so they can get the best out of their vote.

Firstly, for the House of Reps, number all of the boxes from 1 (being
the person you want most to vote in) downwards. That one is pretty easy.

The Senate is more complex, since you can either place a '1' in a single
box above the line. Or you can number the boxes below the line.

If you place a '1' above the line, then the counting of your vote
proceeds as if the party you voted for had filled in the numbers below
the line for you.

For those that don't quite get this, here's a made up example:

The Hash Party have decided on the following order, and you put a '1'
above the line next to "Hash Party"
1. Hash Candidate 1
2. Hash Candidate 2
3. Asterisk Candidate 1
4. Ampersand Candidate 1
5. Ampersand Candidate 2

If Hash Candidate 1 fails to achieve the count needed, then the votes
then go to Hash Candidate 2.
If Hash Candidate 2 fails to get in, then the votes go to the Asterisk
Candidate 1. And so on.

Again I'll stress that unless you would write the same numbers, in the
same order, below the line, then voting above the line will probably
mean your vote won't count exactly the way you want it to.

Although it's more work, I really do suggest you number the boxes below
the line. If you do this, remember that you must fill in all the boxes,
otherwise your vote won't count.

In my case, I had 16 boxes to number. I won't mention parties, but this
is how I fill out the form:
I begin at 16, and work through those candidates/parties I definitely do
not want in power. Then I begin at 1, and work down through those I
most want in power. If there are any left in the middle, I fill them in
in whatever way seems 'best'. However, since I often don't have a
preference one way or the other, I simply write the remaining numbers in
from left to right on the form.

I'm not suggesting you do it the same way, but giving you an idea of how
you might do this if you're completely stumped.

For those that want other explanations that might be better than mine
you can look at:

- The Senate

{Lyrics: Another Bloody Election - Killing Joke }

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