Apr. 18th, 2003 03:43 pm
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We went out today with my housemate's digital camera. We went out to the forest areas to take pictures of the devastation of the fires, and the recovery; and to generally play with her camera. It was a fun, relaxing day.

Tonight I'm going over to M's place with C. We'll have a few games of dominos or cards or something, just for the hell of it.

Should be fun, I hope. Shower time.

A vision

Apr. 4th, 2003 07:51 am
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In the cool grey light of a cloudy dawn, the eucalypts' fresh skin glows as they burst forth from their confining charcoal armour; shedding it, leaving it in shards upon the bare earth. Gleefully they show themselves to the world, and life begins again.
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The hills have only a hint of black now with the tree trunks and fenceposts the most obvious reminder of the fireball that engulfed us. A light dusting of moss green now covers the otherwise bare earth, following the gentle curves of the hills and the harsh slashes of eroded earth.

To see such green where once was black seems to mock the harsh brown of the unburned areas, as if showing that out of adversity can come triumph, even in the midst of a drought.


Feb. 17th, 2003 07:14 pm
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In the distance smoke rises.
I can see a single column from behind a building.
As we drive closer, it seems to shift; but always it's a single column; it's not spreading.
We drive around the building, and the column of smoke is...emanating from mid-air.

No...no it's not. It clings to the side of a burned hill, walking this way and that over the ground.

It's not a fire, it's not smoke. It's a willy-willy, twisting and turning over the burned ground, sucking old ash into the air in a column.

So pretty, so beautiful, so fascinating, so perfect.
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The recent bushfires sure brought out the idiots. A friend of mine runs a small store. As with every place, at the height of the emergency she was out of "D" size batteries, and nearly out of "C" size.

A customer comes in and demands D batteries.
"I'm sorry madam, we don't have any"
"What about those there?" She asks, pointing to rechargeable D size batteries
"They are "D" size batteries but they won't run..."
"I want them then!"
"I'm afraid they won't run your torch madam, they're recharge..."
"They're D batteries aren't the?"
"Yes madam, but they're rechargeables. They need to be..."
"I want them!"

(lots of pointless arguing removed)

"Very well madam, I'll sell them to you. But I won't give you your money back when they don't run your torch".

Some people huh?

We're free!

Feb. 8th, 2003 08:09 am
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Yesterday it was announced that Cantberra is now bushfire free!


Now I'll just keep my thoughts going for the poor folks in Victoria, parts of NSW, and the flooded out folks in Queensland.

I love a sunburned country....


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