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So they gave me a new controller for the electic blanket. It had already reset itself once by the time I got to bed last night, and this morning I woke up to it proudly telling me it was both on and off, and that the time was currently ':88'

This is rediculous.
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I had my new electric blanket last night. The joy of having already paid for it months ago means I could just pick it up when they called. Pity it didn't work.

I think the controller is too technical for its own good. It has a digital display, several modes, a timer...and this one is broken.

It worked for a while, then reset itself; the clock, the timer, everything. Then the display segments decided to come on or go off at the wrong times. Then the 'up arrow' got stuck on, which meant that it continually changed what temperature it wanted to be, and kept beeping. You get the idea.

Ugh. It was nice to have a warm bed last night for once. And snuggly soft since this has the lambswool cover too.

It's payday today. A bittersweet day. You get your payslip and look at the figure at the top and think 'That's not too bad'. Then you look at the figure at the bottom, after tax is taken out and think 'well...it could be worse'. Then you fork out for utilities, rent, loans, food, other bills and think 'I'll be glad when the next pay gets here'.


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