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I'm tired, so this may come out badly, but I really feel I have to say this.

I'm  not an Indigenous Australian.  I have friends who are, but that doesn't give me much insight into their world beyond what they've told me. I have no idea how they feel or see things deep down. I just have my own view of things, through whatever prism I've been given.

Having said that.

I do not celebrate Australia Day.  I call it Invasion Day for the very reason that that date (January 26th) marked the first real influx of white people, that led to so much conflict, death and more.

I hate that apologists tell me that that's not what Australia Day represents.  It may not have been the intent, but when they picked that day, there was inevitably going to be baggage.  It's just originally, I suspect, few people gave a damn about the Indigenous Australians.

Advertisements, and people, keep telling me that Australia Day is to celebrate what it is to be Australian.  It's an inclusive thing that includes everyone who is now Australian, no matter what their background.  But it can't work while the date they've picked is so loaded for a portion of the population.

If we're going to have this "Yay Australia" day, then we should pick a day that isn't so controversial.  Until then, it's Invasion Day, and I "celebrate being Australian" simply by being who I am.
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